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Minutes of SMCWG

December 09, 2020


Adrian Mueller (SwissSign), Ahmad Syafiq Md Zaini (MSC Trustgate.com), Ali
Gholami (Telia Company), Andrea Holland (SecureTrust), Andreas Henschel
(D-TRUST), Arno Fiedler (Arno Fiedler), Atsushi Inaba  (GlobalSign), Ben
Wilson (Mozilla), Chris Kemmerer  (SSL.com), Corey Bonnell  (DigiCert),
David Kluge (Google), Dean Coclin (DigiCert), Don Sheehy (WebTrust), Doug
Beattie (GlobalSign), Enrico Entschew  (D-TRUST), Hazhar Ismail (MSC
Trustgate.com), Hongquan Yin  (Microsoft), James Knapp (Federal PKI), Janet
Hines  (SecureTrust), Jeff Ward (WebTrust), Li-Chun Chen  (Chunghwa
Telecom), Mads Henriksveen  (BuyPass), Morad Abou Nasser (TeleTrust),
Patrycja Tulinska (PSW), Pedro Fuentes (OISTE), Rich Smith (Sectigo), Rufus
Buschart (TeleTrust), Russ Housley (Vigil Security), Sebastian Schulz
(GlobalSign), Stephen Davidson (DigiCert), Tadahiko Ito (SECOM Trust
Systems), Thomas Zermeno (SSL.com), Tim Crawford (WebTrust), Tim Hollebeek

1. Roll Call

The Roll Call was taken.

2. Read Antitrust Statement

The Antitrust/Compliance Statement was read.

3. Review Agenda

There was discussion relating to the change in CABF mailers, noting that
members should check the listserv archives if they have not been receiving
messages recently.  Some mail systems started quarantining messages with the
change in mailer.

4. Approval of minutes from last teleconference

It was noted that some members did not receive the draft Minutes of the
November 25 call.  Those will be re-distributed and approval of those
Minutes is deferred until a later date.  

5. New member

Following discussion and confirmation of eligibility, the membership of KPMG
Korea as an Interested Party was confirmed by consensus.

6. Discussion of certificate profile

Extensive discussion took place regarding the certificate policy object
identifiers for different forms of S/MIME certificates.


{joint-iso-itu-t(2) international-organizations(23) ca-browser-forum(140)
certificate-policies(1) smime-baseline(5) mailbox-validation (1)}

{joint-iso-itu-t(2) international-organizations(23) ca-browser-forum(140)
certificate-policies(1) smime-baseline(5) organization-validation (2)}

{joint-iso-itu-t(2) international-organizations(23) ca-browser-forum(140)
certificate-policies(1) smime-baseline(5) sponsored-validation (3)}

{joint-iso-itu-t(2) international-organizations(23) ca-browser-forum(140)
certificate-policies(1) smime-baseline(5) individual-validation (4)}


Corey Bonnell proposed to use the name "mailbox-validation" for the basic
form of S/MIME certificate to avoid confusion with DV or EV TLS.


Ben Wilson noted that the S/MIME BR (SBR) standard should not cause a
revocation event for certificates issued before its effective date.  Russ
Hously said that should not be a concern as only certificates including the
SBR OIDs would be subject to the SBR.  


There was discussion relating to the Subject and other fields that should be
mandatory or optional/disallowed in each type of cert.


Doug Beattie suggested having some form of "legacy" OID(s) that would be
more permissive but would have a sunset date.  The "final" SBR OIDs would be
more defined.  Tim Hollebeek suggested that those OIDs could be further
iterated as the SBR evolved.


There was discussion regarding the use of Common Name and Email in the
Subject by client software, and the absence of such.  Hongquan Yin
subsequently followed up describing Outlook's behavior.


Common Name will be used as the "Display Name" for the subject the of the
certificate in some places in the UI. If present, Email may be used as one
of the email addresses. The Subject Alternative Name extension is also
examined for rfc822Names.  The email address can be specified there and not
included in the Subject.


Tadahiko Ito pointed out that client software may present mail account names
in precedence to information in the certificate.  There was discussion of
fields like Pseudonym and Serial Number which may include values that are
not possible for a public CA to verify.  It was proposed these may be
acceptable in the Sponsored Validation category where an Enterprise RA may
be able to validate the information.  It was also suggested that use of
those fields may be more appropriate for private trust.


Stephen Davidson asked Certificate Issuers to review their certificate
populations to see if the Subject DN fields were used beyond the basic
attributes so far discussed (and noting if the certificate is solely
intended for S/MIME or is multipurpose).


Rufus Buschart indicated that the SBR would need to accommodate
international naming conventions (giving the example of countries where
individuals may have multiple names but express a preference to specific
names in a cert).


A discussion was held on keyUsage combinations as described in ETSI TS 319


A discussion took place regarding rfc822names, and whether the SBR should
seek to explicitly describe what was an allowable email address.  Consensus
was that the SBR should simply elaborate the relevant standards.


It was proposed that in the SAN may include directoryName and otherName such
as UPN only if they contain information verified by the CA (or Enterprise
RA).  Certificate Issuers were asked to review and provide feedback of their
practices in this area.


A discussion was undertaken to define commonly used Exetnsions.  Doug
Beattie proposed an ultimate goal of defining "S/MIME only" certificates -
that would eventually deprecate the use of multipurpose certs (in the belief
that many of the unusual Subject attributes and Extensions may be related to
those alternate use cases rather than the S/MIME use).


It was raised that some other use cases can rely upon the emailProtection
EKU, such as PDF signing.  It was proposed that an eventual CABF WG might be
created for document signing but in meantime interested parties such as
Adobe should be invited to join or monitor the SMCWG.


7. Any Other Business


It was agreed that the December 23, 2020 meeting will be cancelled.

8. Next call

The next call will take place on January 6, 2021 at 11:00am Eastern Time.  







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