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Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Tue Nov 27 13:03:08 MST 2018

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 2:10 PM Tim Hollebeek <tim.hollebeek at digicert.com>

> First, regarding your last point, thanks for pointing out the potential
> issue and I’ll take a look at it and see if there is indeed some
> improvements that need to be made to the language to make it clearer and
> more parallel.  If there is actually a problem there, I may be more willing
> to allow other clarifications to slip in as well.  But this process does
> need to come to a conclusion soon.


> However you haven’t yet convinced me that there is any lack of clarity
> with respect to ADNs.
> It’s “an Authorization Domain Name” because there are multiple ADNs that
> can potentially be chosen.  That’s always been true for ADNs.  I disagree
> that there is anything unclear about ADNs as currently specified in the
> BRs.  The definition is clear.  CAs MAY remove zero or more components from
> the left side of the FQDN, and use that as the starting point for
> validation.

> I would use the simpler terms “right” and “wrong” to describe the
> interpretations you describe as “maximally conservative” and “tortured”.
> In my mind, the “re-use” issue doesn’t come up for a single FQDN because in
> that case there’s only one ADN (“an ADN”, singular, and not “the ADNs”,
> plural).

I've tried to productively engage here to help you understand. I don't
think viewing it as "right" or "wrong", when discussing a draft ballot, is
at all a productive use. You can discuss what you meant or intended, but I
don't think it's fair to say that it's "right" or "wrong". The goal is to
make sure your intent is clearly captured in the ballot, and
well-understood - and to that end, discussing the multiple interpretations
is important and critical, and ensuring that there are not other reasonable
interpretations that can be offered. I've tried to offer several reasonable
interpretations here, because I don't think this ballot is, at present,
sufficiently clear to avoid the mistakes that I regularly see CAs making.

> The notion that the singular noun phrase “an Authorization Domain Name”
> refers to multiple inputs doesn’t make sense to me.  Clearly from the
> definition, there are multiple choices (“zero or more”), but clearly it has
> a single value (“an”) for a particular validation.
> So I don’t think you can validate a single FQDN with multiple ADNs.  I’m
> not aware of any reason why you’d want to, either.

We have, to date, heard CAs discuss several times performing multiple
validations for a single domain name. To date, this has been in the context
of performing multiple (different) validations of domains, but there's no
reason to think that performing multiple validations using the same
validation method, but different ADNs, is somehow less valid than
performing multiple different validations.

To this end, you end up with a single FQDN being validated. One
interpretation is that each validation is a distinct and independent
operation - I think this is the most conservative and sensible. However, I
see no language that would prohibit thinking of these multiple validations
as something to be collected in a 'single' operation.

I hope you can see how this shows a reasonable interpretation of
aggregating multiple ADNs into a single FQDN validation. I mentioned it in
previous messages, but perhaps phrasing it differently will make it
clearer. The goal here is to clarify whether "an authorization domain name"
is one out of the possible set, or whether it is the singular ADN chosen by
the CA 'prior' to beginning the validation method. This may be as 'simple'
as changing the article attached from "an Authorization Domain Name" to
"the Authorization Domain Name" if that is what you meant, but that's
exactly the kind of subtle-but-significant language change that a ballot
discussion is about.

> This language regarding ADNs is actually a clarification from Doug; I
> seriously doubt he disagrees with this interpretation (he can speak up for
> himself), which is how ADNs have worked since they’ve been introduced.

I'm not trying to put Doug into the middle of an unnecessarily escalating
disagreement, but I do hope others can see how this question - about who
you can send the same Random Value to - has still not been clearly
answered. I can understand if you disagree with the interpretations
offered, but I'm still at a loss for what you see as the correct and
expected results.

> We are not changing, and I do not support changing, how ADNs work as part
> of this ballot.

I did not ask this. I've asked for clarifications for intent, because right
now, it's ambiguous. And that's exactly the kind of situation that does not
help CAs, auditors, and root store operators.
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