[cabfpub] Bylaws: Update Membership Criteria (section 2.1)

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Fri Feb 8 16:34:07 UTC 2019

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 3:19 AM Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) via Public <
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> I made the following updates in addition to Wayne's:
>    - Added a process for Interested Party application to CWGs as it
>    seemed to be missing from the Bylaws. The only reference we currently have
>    is on the web site (https://cabforum.org/email-lists/).
>    - For the Server Certificate Working Group membership criteria, I
>    tried to align with section 8.4 of the BRs.
> I'm hoping this is unintentional, but this is not a good change. This has
been discussed repeatedly in the Forum, and moving to a more restrictive
policy for membership in the charter has been regularly rejected.

My hope is that, as proposer of those changes on the doc, you can go
through and reject them or update them to ensure that our current approach
for the SCWG remains as is.

>    - On the last call, we also agreed to add sample Membership criteria
>    to the new Working Group Charter section. I added a simplified version of
>    criteria based on section 8.4 of the BRs, including Government internal
>    audit schemes that might also be acceptable for the S/MIME Working Group.
> The problem with lifting this text, as is, is that it relies on
definitions from the BRs not present within charters. For example, the
interchangability of "Government CA" / "Government Certificate Issuer" are
in no way defined.

>    - Following the example of moving the membership criteria to the CWG
>    Charters, I moved the "end membership" section to the Server Certificate
>    Working Group Charter AND the template for new WG Charters. I believe that
>    there was agreement that each Working Group should determine their own
>    rules for ending Working Group membership, similar to determining the
>    criteria for joining a working group.
> Similarly, the prospects of ending membership are not well-aligned with a
generic charter.
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