[cabfpub] Bylaws: Update Membership Criteria (section 2.1)

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Fri Feb 8 08:19:15 UTC 2019

I made the following updates in addition to Wayne's:

  * Added a process for Interested Party application to CWGs as it
    seemed to be missing from the Bylaws. The only reference we
    currently have is on the web site (https://cabforum.org/email-lists/).
  * For the Server Certificate Working Group membership criteria, I
    tried to align with section 8.4 of the BRs.
  * On the last call, we also agreed to add sample Membership criteria
    to the new Working Group Charter section. I added a simplified
    version of criteria based on section 8.4 of the BRs, including
    Government internal audit schemes that might also be acceptable for
    the S/MIME Working Group.
  * Following the example of moving the membership criteria to the CWG
    Charters, I moved the "end membership" section to the Server
    Certificate Working Group Charter AND the template for new WG
    Charters. I believe that there was agreement that each Working Group
    should determine their own rules for ending Working Group
    membership, similar to determining the criteria for joining a
    working group.

I hope you will find these changes acceptable and of course please send 
any comments on these additional changes.


On 8/2/2019 12:51 π.μ., Wayne Thayer via Public wrote:
> On today's call we discussed an alternative approach to updating 
> Bylaws section 2.1: change the Forum level membership requirement to:
> CWG Members are automatically granted Forum membership.
> Then ensure that all CWG charters specify appropriate membership 
> criteria. This approach has some advantages:
> * Each CWG can tailor membership requirements to their scope without 
> worrying about conflicting with Forum requirements
> * Eliminates the Forum application process that currently requires 
> Applicants to submit the same information to both the SCWG and the Forum
> * Clarifies the intent that CWG members must be Forum members as well
> I have drafted these changes in the document at the link I sent out on 
> the Management list earlier today:
> * Replaced all of the membership language in section 2.1 with the 
> statement above
> * Added requirements in section 5.3.1 for CWGs to specify membership 
> criteria for each supported category of membership that is defined in 
> the Bylaws (Certificate Issuer, Certificate Consumer, Associate 
> Member, Interested Party)
> * Added section 3 on Membership to the CWG Charter template in Exhibit C
> * Added the current SCWG Charter to the end of the doc and moved the 
> membership criteria from the Bylaws (with most proposed changes that 
> were discussed earlier in this thread) into this new version of the 
> SCWG Charter
> I also experimented with moving Bylaws section 2.2 "Ending Forum 
> Membership" to the SCWG Charter, but I don't think that's necessary.
> I would appreciate everyone's review and comments on these changes.
> If we go ahead with this, I suspect that there are other changes we 
> should make to the SCWG Charter - feel free to add your suggestions to 
> the doc.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
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