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Below I have forwarded Kathleen Wilson's message from the Mozilla Dev Security Policy list.

It is with great sadness that we have learned the news of Gerv Markham's passing.

I uploaded a few photos of Gerv from a few of our social events to the wiki - https://cabforum.org/wiki/Gerv 

As Kathleen notes below, and as you'll recall from this past March, we gave Gerv a special commendation for his dedication and the important contributions that he made to our organization.  https://cabforum.org/wp-content/uploads/Markham_Commendation_3-22-2018.pdf 

He will be deeply missed.

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Dear Fellow Mozillians,

It is with deep sorrow that we share the news that our friend and colleague, Gerv Markham, passed away on July 27, 2018. Along with the many others whom he worked alongside over his time at Mozilla, we will remember Gerv as caring, honest, inquisitive, opinionated, energetic, and a lot of fun to work with! He enjoyed and looked forward to meeting with people in person, and loved diving into the details. He was often the first to pick up the phone to talk to people to get to the core of a situation. He was also quick to be helpful, going out of his way to provide assistance where needed. He would identify things that were in need of repair, meet with the owners to find out if they needed help, and dive right in to do the work.

Previously from Gerv: “It's been eighteen years since I first entered the world of Mozilla, on a program of constructing reduced layout test cases for early Gecko builds in order to earn a dino plushie (I got two!). Both I and the project have come a long way since then, but an ever-present companion has been my cancer, with which I was diagnosed in 2001.”

Eighteen years is a remarkable length of time to fight against incurable illness, and we are proud for the fighting Gerv managed to do throughout those years to advance Mozilla's mission.

Over the years of Gerv’s tenure with Mozilla, he worked on public policy, certificate authority (CA) root program, community governance, MPL, licensing, usability, security, and Bugzilla. He attended every CA/Browser Forum face-to-face meeting that he could, and the CA/Browser Forum extended the attached commendation to him.

It has been an honor to work with Gerv, and it is with very fond memories that we say goodbye to our wonderful friend and colleague, Gerv Markham.

Fond Farewell,

Kathleen Wilson, Wayne Thayer, JC Jones, and Chris Riley (among many more)

PS: Here is the text from the CA/Browser Forum Commendation that is mentioned above.
The CA/Browser Forum and its members gratefully extend to Gervase Markham their heartfelt commendation and appreciation For his extraordinary leadership and skill as a founding member of the Forum in 2005 and as a Mozilla representative and a leading Forum participant from 2005–2018, and For his superb work in promoting higher standards for Certification Authorities, and For his ceaseless efforts to improve security for users on the internet, and For sharing his deep knowledge of TLS and PKI with his fellow Forum members, and For his constant innovation and improvement to the Mozilla processes applicable to CAs around the world, and For his skills during Forum meetings and teleconferences so that all could participate on an equal basis and members’ time was well spent, and For his ability to bridge differences of opinion among members to reach solutions that could be supported by all, and For his tact and diplomacy in helping Certification Authorities and Browsers meet their mutual goals, and For his patience, wit, sincerity, honesty, pleasant demeanor, and everlasting good cheer, and For his superior guidance, advice, and management style.
-- For these and many other accomplishments we hereby affirm our deep appreciation, commendation, and congratulations to Gerv, and sincerely extend our best wishes to him and his family. -- Dated this 22nd day of March, 2018.
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