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> To make it clear, I don’t think turning things into URIs adds value for customers.  E-mail addresses usually AREN’T in the form of URIs, as noted above.
> Except, again, this is dodging the point that Corey raised, and which you haven't at all addressed, in which you're proposing a form that leaves it entirely ambiguous to the CA, and subjective to their interpretation, as to the form - and ambiguous for customers.
> If your view is that you're being customer focused, then that's not really sustained by any of the positions being advocated here. The ambiguity you're arguing is a strength is going to lead to misissued certificates and confused customers.

I would encourage mailing list participants to remember that writing a ballot is a valuable contribution to the CABforum, and we should remember that list participants may have different strengths and not always be able to come up with perfect wording covering, for example, e-mail addresses as they have been developed over 40 years of the Internet.  At no point in this discussion has anyone actually proposed better wording than ‘valid e-mail address’ and so I really don’t think it’s fair to make comments like the above.

If it’s desired to further clarify, I would say ‘valid e-mail address as defined in RFC 5321 section 2.3.11’.  However I think this is unnecessary.
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