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Agreed – the CABF can decide to use ‘XK’ as its user-assigned country code
for Kosovo within the context of the BRs (perhaps, also in the context of


As Erwann recommends, the CABF should publicly document that decision – I
suggest as either an erratum or appendix to the BRs.




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Nice question.

XK being one of the "user-assigned code elements", it can therefore be
freely used wherever you want, and it won't be used in any update of the
o-3166.htm#Reserved-code-elements is pretty clear on the purpose and limits
of the user-assigned codes.
Faced with such a request, I'd also tend to approve it, publicly document
the use of "XK" code to designate "Kosovo", and notify the ISO-3166/MA of
the use of this code.

EU hasn't recognized Kosovo as an independant nation, it's strange that XK
is used by the EC.


Le 30/07/2012 22:39, Rich Smith a écrit :

I've come across an edge case that I'd like to get some discussion on.


We have received a request for a customer in Kosovo, which the two
jurisdictions to which we are subject (US and UK) recognize as a sovereign
country.  However because there is still some wrangling going on in the UN,
Kosovo does not at this time have an official ISO 3166 country code.


I came across some information that the European Commission, Switzerland,
and the Deutsche Bundesbank among others are temporarily using XK as a
designator for Kosovo.  Any thought as to whether or not doing the same in a
certificate would be in compliance with Section 9.2.5 of the BRs?


9.2.5      Subject Country Name Field

Certificate Field:  subject:countryName (OID:

Required/Optional:  Optional

Contents:  If the subject:countryName field is present, then the CA SHALL
verify the country associated with the Subject in accordance with Section
11.2.5 and use its two-letter ISO 3166-1 country code.


Since XK is set aside by the ISO as user assigned, I tend to lean toward
allowing it, but I also think that we should probably decide as a group so
that we all (at least all in jurisdictions which recognize Kosovo) treat
Kosovo in a uniform fashion.  Thoughts?

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