[cabfpub] ISO 3166-1 country codes

Erwann Abalea erwann.abalea at keynectis.com
Tue Jul 31 09:45:34 UTC 2012

Nice question.

XK being one of the "user-assigned code elements", it can therefore be 
freely used wherever you want, and it won't be used in any update of the 
is pretty clear on the purpose and limits of the user-assigned codes.
Faced with such a request, I'd also tend to approve it, publicly 
document the use of "XK" code to designate "Kosovo", and notify the 
ISO-3166/MA of the use of this code.

EU hasn't recognized Kosovo as an independant nation, it's strange that 
XK is used by the EC.


Le 30/07/2012 22:39, Rich Smith a écrit :
> I've come across an edge case that I'd like to get some discussion on.
> We have received a request for a customer in Kosovo, which the two 
> jurisdictions to which we are subject (US and UK) recognize as a 
> sovereign country.  However because there is still some wrangling 
> going on in the UN, Kosovo does not at this time have an official ISO 
> 3166 country code.
> I came across some information that the European Commission, 
> Switzerland, and the Deutsche Bundesbank among others are temporarily 
> using XK as a designator for Kosovo.  Any thought as to whether or not 
> doing the same in a certificate would be in compliance with Section 
> 9.2.5 of the BRs?
> 9.2.5      Subject Country Name Field
> Certificate Field:  subject:countryName (OID:
> Required/Optional:  Optional
> Contents:  If the subject:countryName field is present, then the CA 
> SHALL verify the country associated with the Subject in accordance 
> with Section 11.2.5 and use its two-letter ISO 3166-1 country code.
> Since XK is set aside by the ISO as user assigned, I tend to lean 
> toward allowing it, but I also think that we should probably decide as 
> a group so that we all (at least all in jurisdictions which recognize 
> Kosovo) treat Kosovo in a uniform fashion.  Thoughts?
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