[Smcwg-public] DigiCert releases next generation certificate linter “pkilint” as OSS

Corey Bonnell Corey.Bonnell at digicert.com
Tue May 9 21:30:45 UTC 2023


I had some spare cycles yesterday and fleshed out the list of validations
that the S/MIME linter performs:
entity-certificate-linter. Each validation now has a reference and comments
(as needed).


Since the GitHub Wiki display leaves something to be desired, I attached the
list of validations to this email as well for easier viewing.





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Subject: Re: [Smcwg-public] DigiCert releases next generation certificate
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Hi Paul,

The project has a Wiki page that lists the validations performed by the
S/MIME linter:
. You can also get the list of validations performed by each linter bundled
with pkilint using the "validations" sub-command.


I plan to flesh out that page to add references to the relevant standard for
each validation (similar to the ZLint Google sheet) very soon.





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Thanks for sharing!


Do you also have a list of checks that are implemented by the linter?


It would be great to have a document like zlint: ZLint Validation - Google







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DigiCert is pleased to announce the release of a new certificate linter,
known as pkilint, which builds on industry experience automating compliance
checks for digital certificates. 


This first release of pkilint implements compliance testing for the recently
released CA/Browser Forum S/MIME Baseline Requirements. Corey Bonnell will
introduce pkilint's S/MIME linting on the next SMCWG teleconference.


The pkilint linter is being provided to the community by DigiCert as Open
Source Software (OSS) under the MIT License which provides wide freedom to
use, distribute, and modify the software. 


Read more at the pkilint repository on GitHub:


Why pkilint?

The pkilint framework can be adapted to any certificate type. It initially
includes more than 145 separate tests against different specifications of
the S/MIME Baseline Requirements and other important standards that apply to
digital certificate formats.


pkilint was developed based upon DigiCert's experience using certificate
linters in high volume environments. The pkilint framework provides several
advantages over existing approaches:


.                     Built on top of a proven ASN.1 parser allowing very
detailed checks that detect ASN.1 encoding errors;

.                     Architected from the ground up to support linting of
many different types of PKI structures (including certificates, CRLs, OCSP
responses, etc.) against different standards and trust frameworks; and

.                     Rich validation logic analyzes every field of an ASN.1
document and determines which sets of tests to execute. This results in
faster and more thorough testing, with less development time.


In addition to pkilint, DigiCert recently provided an OSS tool called
zMjNkZTpoOkY>  that allows users to generate test certificates that are
compliant with the different certificate profiles defined in S/MIME Baseline


Community development

The pkilint framework is easily expandable to analyze other digital
certificate types and aspects of PKI, such as CRL and OCSP implementations.
Additionally, DigiCert is planning to use the framework to add lints to
encompass the changes introduced by the CA/Browser Forum Ballot SC-62
QxZDk5YmU1NjA0ZTZiNDlmMjFlMzZiNDE1ZDpoOkY>  for TLS certificate profiles.
Developers who are interested in contributing to pkilint can do so on the
project's GitHub page
kY> .




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