[Smcwg-public] Evidence and Enterprise RA

Bruce Morton Bruce.Morton at entrust.com
Fri May 5 18:59:36 UTC 2023

For authentication of individual identity, S/MIME BR 3.2.4 states:
The CA or RA SHALL collect and retain evidence supporting the following identity attributes for the Individual Applicant:

1.      Given name(s) and surname(s), which SHALL be current names;

2.      Pseudonym (if used);

3.      Title (if used);

4.      Address (if displayed in Subject); and

5.      Further information as needed to uniquely identify the Applicant

Should Enterprise RA be included, since we allow an Enterprise RA to verify this data and section item 5 says "In the case of Sponsor-validated Certificates approved by an Enterprise RA, records maintained by the Enterprise RA SHALL be accepted as evidence of Individual identity."?

Thanks, Bruce.
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