[Servercert-wg] SC-59 Weak Key Guidance

Tom Zermeno tom at ssl.com
Fri May 26 21:27:26 UTC 2023

I think I see your point, Aaron. I will bring this to my people for consideration. Thanks!




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Hi Tom, 


Thanks for your replies!


On Fri, May 26, 2023 at 1:46 PM Tom Zermeno <tom at ssl.com <mailto:tom at ssl.com> > wrote:

Finally, regarding the phrasing of the Close Primes Vulnerability, we used the phrase “weak keys identified within 100 rounds using Fermat’s factorization method,“ to stress the importance that the CA actually perform the computations to discover such weak keys.  

My only concern here is that the language feels like it offers a loophole: if the CA *doesn't* actually perform the computations themselves, then the weak key hasn't been identified, and they're allowed to issue for it! That's why I recommend using the "which *can be* identified..." language: it doesn't actually matter how the CA identifies that a key is weak to Fermat factorization, all that matters is that they detect all possible keys.


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