[Servercert-wg] Draft ballot SC-XX: Profiles cleanup ballot

Inigo Barreira Inigo.Barreira at sectigo.com
Wed Jul 19 15:07:01 UTC 2023

Corey, would it be possible to add to this “profiles cleanup ballot” what
was discussed the other day in the infra SC about the “-“ to format
correctly the tables generated in section 7?


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While adding support for SC-62 linting for TLS certificates in pkilint, a
few issues were identified with the current language in section 6 and 7 of
the BRs. To address these issues, I created a draft ballot on Github. The
draft ballot text can be viewed here:
UNFI%3D&reserved=0> .


Chris Clements of the Chrome team reviewed and offered to endorse, so we’re
looking for one more endorser to push this ballot forward.


Please let me know if you have any feedback on the proposed language or if
you’d be willing to endorse.




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