[Servercert-wg] [cabfpub] Notice of Review Period – Ballots SC23 and SC24

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Mon Nov 18 18:33:25 MST 2019

Capturing notes that were shared off-list by various folks, and reposting
for visibility. Thanks for doing this, Dimitris, as this definitely
highlights the ease to be had of having GitHub, PRs, and automagically
generated PDFs :)

*Requiring Correction*:
Section 1.6.1: This fails to remove the definition for "Effective Date" (as
shown in https://github.com/cabforum/documents/pull/145/files , based on
what the Ballot was)
Section This appears to renumber the entries, leading #4 to have
two entries and #5 to have no entry. This was not touched by either ballot,
AFAICT. This may be a PDF diff bug?
Section The first paragraph, regarding Effective Date, was not
Section 4.1.2 was not updated to refer to Section 4.2.1, and continues to
incorrectly refer to Section 3.3.1; this was captured in
Section appears to place an asterisk (for the footnote) as a footer
for 6.1.5, rather than indented to
  - Same for and

The diff for 7.1.4+ appears to be mangled. Currently, version 1.6.6 shows
that "Name Forms" is in Section 7.1.4, which is the same as the Markdown.
The diff appears to show it was 7.1.5, and is now being corrected to 7.1.4
- but that's not correct.

*Not Requiring Correction in the PDF, but otherwise noted:*
Section is listed in the PDF as "Issuer Information", matching the
1.6.6 PDF, while in the Markdown, it's listed as "Issuing CA Certificate
Subject". As best I can tell, this was a typo introduce in the Markdown 4
years ago, in
related to Ballot 146 -
  - Note: The above appears to only be an issue with the GitHub/Markdown,
and not with the PDF or what was balloted in this or previous ballots
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