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> All,
> this is probably an old question, but I could not find the answer in the
> mailing list archives, so please bear with me.
> In reading the BR, it is not clear to me whether a DTP is allowed to start
> "issuing" certificates (i.e. start requesting the CA to issue certificates
> based on their vetting) before having ever been audited. CAs are required
> to pass a PITRA, before issuing their first Publicly-Trusted
> Certificates, but I am not sure if the same holds for DTPs. It seems to me
> that this aspect is not very clear in the BR.
> Adriano

I mean, the DTP isn't the one performing the issuance though, are they?
It's the CA performing issuance, using information verified by the DTP.

TL;DR answer: No CA ever got in trouble with browsers for having more
audits than necessary. Several have gotten in trouble for having fewer
audits than necessary.

If I'm understanding your question about where the confusion is rooted,
this is the question about the relationship between the Section 1.3.2
requirements placed on DTPs (e.g. the contractual existence) and the
Section 8.4 requirements placed on DTPs (e.g. the audit requirements).

I agree with you that it's not clear, and I'm curious if you have
suggestions (given that DTP requirements are sprinkled throughout the BRs)
on how to simplify that:

1) The permissive CA/"default allow" reader would read the closing sentence
of the paragraph in 8.4, with its use of "*continue performing*", to read
that it's implicitly allowed until proven otherwise:

> If the opinion is that the Delegated Third Party does not comply, then the
> CA SHALL not allow the Delegated Third Party to *continue performing*
> delegated functions.

In this reading, the CA is arguing that they can allow performance before
any audit whatsoever, and only have to discontinue of the DTP doesn't get
it (since adverse findings alone ostensibly still fulfill the requirements
of this section)

2) The "secure by default" CA/"default deny" reader would read the
requirements in 1.3.2 to require an audit before hand. This is because
1.3.2 requires (*emphasis added*)

> *Before the CA authorizes a Delegated Third Party* to perform a delegated
> function, the CA SHALL contractually require the Delegated Third Party to:

(1) Meet the qualification requirements of Section 5.3.1, when applicable
> to the delegated function;

(2) Retain documentation in accordance with Section 5.5.2;

(3) *Abide by the other provisions of these Requirements that are
> applicable to the delegated function*; and

(4) Comply with (a) the CA’s Certificate Policy/Certification Practice
> Statement or (b) the Delegated Third Party’s practice statement that the CA
> has verified complies with these Requirements.

In this reading, prior to allowing a DTP, the DTP must be contractually
required to abide by the provisions, including the demonstration of an
audit (per 8.4)
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