[cabfpub] Final CA/Browser Forum agenda - Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 11:00 am Eastern Time

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Wed May 10 19:46:14 UTC 2023

Here is the final agenda for the subject call. Dean Coclin (Digicert)is 
scheduled to take minutes and next up isDoug Beattie (GlobalSign).

 1. Begin Recording - Roll Call
 2. Read note-well
 3. Review of Agenda
 4. Approval of minutes from the April 27 Teleconference (minutes have
    not been circulated yet)
 5. Approval of minutes from the March 30 Teleconference (minutes were
    circulated on 2023-05-08)
 6. Server Certificate Working Group update (Inigo)
 7. Code Signing Certificate Working Group update (Dean or Bruce)
 8. S/MIME Certificate Working Group update (Stephen)
 9. Forum Infrastructure Subcommittee update (Jos)
10. NetSec Working Group update (Clint)
11. Bylaws changes (Dimitris)
12. SCWG charter update (Ben)
13. Registration for F2F#59 meeting
14. F2F#59 agenda
15. Any Other Business
16. Next call: May 25, 2023
17. Adjourn



F2F Meeting Schedule:

  * 2023
      o June 6-8: Redmond, WA, USA (Microsoft)
      o October 3-5: Portsmouth, NH, USA (Globalsign)
  * 2024
      o February 26-28: New Delhi or Bengaluru, India (eMudhra)
      o May 28-30: Bergamo, Italy (Actalis)
      o October: Seattle, WA, USA (Amazon)
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