[cabfpub] Bylaws Updates: Pre-Ballot Review Period

Wayne Thayer wthayer at mozilla.com
Tue Feb 19 21:14:49 UTC 2019

As we discussed on the last Forum call, we have come to rough consensus on
a significant update to the Bylaws and the SCWG Charter. The purpose of
these changes is to fix many of the problems we've found since the new
Bylaws went into effect. Major changes include:

* Formalize Subcommittees at the Forum level
* Automatically grant Forum membership to CWG members
* Move Forum membership requirements to the SCWG Charter and clarify them
* Clarify CWG voting rules
* Clarify process for CWG officer elections

Because some members need time for their legal counsel to review these
changes, we are planning an extended delay before proposing one ballot
containing all of these changes.

*Please review (including a review by your attorney if desired) and submit
comments prior to the next face-to-face meeting on 12-March*. I would like
to discuss and agree to any additional changes at the meeting so that we
can proceed with a ballot afterwards.

Dimitris has prepared the attached redlines for this review. (thanks
Dimitris!) You can also find these changes in the Google doc I shared on
the Management list.


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