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Wayne Thayer wthayer at mozilla.com
Fri Dec 20 16:23:53 MST 2019

Thanks Tim and Stephen for incorporating my earlier suggestions and for
moving this forward - it's is a nice holiday gift.

Something that was present in earlier drafts but that I failed to call out
is that the introduction, in a few different spots, implies that S/MIME
certificates must contain legal or natural identity information, rather
than permitting validation and inclusion of only an email address. Assuming
that the intent is to permit S/MIME certificates to be issued with and
without natural or legal identity validation as would be expected in a
baseline, I'd like the introduction to be clarified. I'm happy to suggest
specific changes if you'd like.

- Wayne

On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 1:46 PM Tim Hollebeek via Public <
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> Ok, I think it’s time to circulate this to a wider audience and look for
> endorsers.  Happy holidays!
> -Tim
> Purpose of the Ballot
> The CA/Browser Forum recently underwent a two-year long governance reform
> exercise, modifying the Bylaws to allow the creation of working groups that
> covered topics other than server certificates.  While originally motivated
> by the inability to maintain requirements for code signing certificates, it
> was anticipated from the start that this would also provide an opportunity
> to create other working groups that could develop and maintain certificate
> profiles and requirements for other kinds of certificates.  While a number
> of regional and technical standards exist regarding the creation and
> issuance of S/MIME certificates, there is no current global forum for
> certificate authorities and those who consume or use S/MIME certificates to
> come together and develop and maintain policies and standards for those
> certificates.  This lack of standards has impeded the adoption and
> interoperability of S/MIME certificate worldwide.  This ballot would
> establish a working group chartered to develop and maintain such standards
> for S/MIME certificates, including but not limited to two important
> priorities: a uniform certificate profile for the issuance of
> publicly-trusted S/MIME certificates, and validation requirements for such
> certificates.
> Establish S/MIME Certificates Working Group
> Upon approval of the CAB Forum by ballot in accordance with section 5.3 of
> the Bylaws, the S/MIME Certificates Working Group (“SMWG”) is created to
> perform the activities as specified in the attached Charter.
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