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Can you forward the following invitation to an ETSI workshop being held 
NY to the CAB Forum public list?



ETSI are holding a workshop on Globalisation of Trust Services for North 
American stakeholders, at the EU Delegation to UN office in New York on 
3^rd September. This workshop is organized as part of an ETSI study 
investigating existing PKI-based trust services schemes that operate in 
different regions of the world, and their possible mutual recognition / 
global acceptance.  Online access is available for those who cannot 
attend in person.

Further details are given below.



*3^rd September 2019 *



EU Delegation to the United Nations
666 Third Avenue
New York NY 10017
United States

*More information about the event:*







If you wish to attend please register at:


As space is limited early registration is recommended.

Remote access will be provided to the workshop again please register for 
online access so that we can send you details.

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact 
viky.manaila at ewitness.ro <mailto:viky.manaila at ewitness.ro>.

Nick Pope – Vice chair ETSI Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures

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