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> [redirecting discussion to cabfpub]


While I'm always one to appreciate public discussion, I want to highlight
1) A member already expressed concern with redirecting to our public list
2) Our bylaws make it clear that there's an established process - 6.2 - to
deal with questions and proposed responses, which occurs on the management
list. This was also mentioned earlier on the thread in the previous
3) Our bylaws explicitly make it clear that these discussions happen on the
management@ list (5.1(d))
4) Our bylaws also state, in 5.1 "Members are strongly discouraged from
posting the text of Member Mail List messages to the Public Mail List
without the permission of the author or commenter."

I'm a huge proponent of transparency. I'm also a proponent of consistently
following our Bylaws, since all the transparency in the world doesn't
matter when 'simple' things aren't adhered to.

> But, the claimed reason for ballot 208 is that there is some software out
there which can't support empty subjectName and also supported only
specific subjectName fields

Specifically, it was that macOS removed support for empty subject names and
critical SANs. This is since resolved in the latest releases, and perhaps
Apple may not be concerned with supporting older versions of macOS, but not
everyone has that luxury. https://no-subject.badssl.com/ is a test site
that was established that folks can use to test interoperability across a
variety of libraries, particularly to help demonstrate the macOS behaviour
change for several releases.
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