[cabfpub] Results of Doodle poll on creation of SCWG Subcommittees

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Tue Jul 24 22:47:10 UTC 2018

Here are the Doodle poll results on the procedure for creating SCWG Subcommittees, and my suggestion for how to move forward.

Ballot Results

Poll topic: Procedure for creating SCWG Subcommittees

Votes    Option
0           Create SCWG Subcommittees by consensus - SCWG Chair to determine if "consensus" exists
3          Create SCWG Subcommittees by consensus - but any member can demand a Ballot
16        Create SCWG Subcommittees by Ballot only
19          Total votes

So the strong preference is to create new SCWG Subcommittees under Bylaw 5.3.1 (e) by SCWG Ballot.  The three obvious candidates for a new Subcommittee are the following three former Working Groups of the Forum:

1.       Validation Subcommittee (former Chair: Tim)

2.       Network Security Subcommittee (former Chair: Ben)

3.       Policy Review Subcommittee (or Certificate Policy) Subcommittee (former Chairs: Dimitris and Ben)

I would suggest that any SCWG Ballot drafted to create a Subcommittee follow this general format:

The Server Certificate Working Group hereby creates the XXXXXXXX Subcommittee as an official Subcommittee of the SCWG.

Name: [Official name of the Subcommittee]

Scope: The XXXXXX Subcommittee's scope will include [insert scope].

Out of Scope: XXX [None, or specific things out of scope]

Deliverables: XXX [we haven't always had Deliverables for previous Working Groups of the Forum]

Is the scope of this Subcommittee within the scope of the SCWG Charter: Yes

End Date: ??? [None, or specific date]

Tim, Ben, and Dimitris: Do you want to proceed with three ballots to create these three Subcommittes?

We can discuss on our Thursday call.

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