[cabfpub] Draft Charter for Server Certificate Working Group

Adriano Santoni adriano.santoni at staff.aruba.it
Wed Oct 25 11:53:21 UTC 2017

And why not IM, for that matter.

Il 25/10/2017 11:35, Gervase Markham via Public ha scritto:
> Hi Ben,
> On 24/10/17 19:06, Ben Wilson via Public wrote:
>> For everyone’s review, here is a draft charter from the Governance
>> Reform Committee.
> This looks generally good. I have one small concern, and then a larger
> question regarding the framing around "membership":
>> The Server Certificate Working Group will not address certificates
>> intended to be used solely for code signing, S/MIME, time-stamping,
>> VoIP, IM, or Web services.
> What is a "Web service" in this context? Why would such a thing not use
> a server certificate?
>> *Members eligible to participate*:
> This reads as if there's a pool of "members" and that some of them are
> eligible to participate. However, I believe we have decided that the
> membership model is that people are members of the Forum only insofar as
> they are members of a Working Group. Therefore, I suggest we need to
> tweak the way we talk about this and say something like:
> *Participant Eligibility*
> The Working Group shall consist of two classes of voting members, the CA
> Class and the Browser Class.
> CAs meeting one of the following two criteria may be admitted to the CA
> Class:
> (1) Issuing CA: The organization operates a certification authority that
> has a current and successful WebTrust for CAs audit, or ETSI TS 102042,
> ETSI 101456, or ETSI EN 319 411-1 audit report prepared by a
> properly-qualified auditor, and that actively issues certificates to Web
> servers that are openly accessible from the Internet, such certificates
> being treated as valid when using a browser created by at least one
> current member of the Browser Class. Organizations that are not actively
> issuing certificates but otherwise meet membership criteria may be
> granted Associate Member status under Bylaw Sec. 3.1 for a period of
> time to be designated by the Forum.
> ... <similar rephrasing for (2)>
> Non-CAs meeting the following criterion may be admitted to the Browser
> Class:
> The Browser Class is open to organizations that produce a software
> product intended for use by the general public for browsing the Web
> securely.
> How will associate membership work? I assume one becomes an associate
> member of a particular WG, just as one is a member of a particular WG?
> Gerv
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