[cabfpub] Public comment on a draft CP for a new US government PKI

Eric Mill eric.mill at gsa.gov
Tue Oct 10 01:31:01 UTC 2017


The US Federal PKI is looking for public comment *by October 30* on its
draft Certificate Policy for a new PKI intended for public trust:

   - Background: https://devicepki.idmanagement.gov
   - Request for comment: https://devicepki.idmanagement.gov/requestcomment/
   - CP itself:  https://devicepki.idmanagement.gov/certificatepolicy/

We encourage public comments to be posted to GitHub at
https://github.com/uspki/policies/issues/new Pull requests are also
welcome, for those comfortable doing so.

There is also an email address listed on the site, but all comments
received, including those sent directly by email, will be made public.

-- Eric

Eric Mill
Senior Advisor, Technology Transformation Services, GSA
eric.mill at gsa.gov, +1-617-314-0966
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