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Geoff Keating geoffk at apple.com
Wed Oct 4 08:33:27 UTC 2017

Ballot XXX - Formalization of validation working group


As discussed at the CABforum meeting in Taipei, the Validation working group has proposed several ballots involving CAA.  It was thought that working group might now be somewhat busy with follow-ups from Ballot 190, that CAA is no longer obviously part of validation, and that perhaps a different group of people might be interested in CAA than in validation methods generally.

Geoffrey Keating of Apple Inc. made the following motion, which was endorsed by YYY and ZZZ

Motion begins
In accordance with Section 5.3 of the CA/B Forum Bylaws, the chartering of a new Working Group requires a ballot. This ballot charters the CAA Working Group.  The CAA Working Group’s charter will be as follows:


To consider and propose refinements and extensions to the Baseline Requirements related to checking for CAA records, RFC 6844, its errata, and its successors if any, taking into account implementation experience.


The Working Group shall produce:

- One or more ballots on the topics in its scope.
- Documents, as it sees fit, providing information to the Forum on implementation experience of CAA record checking.


The Working Group shall expire once it determines that the deliverables have been completed, or on 2019-10-01, whichever happens first. 

Unless the working group has determined that its deliverables have been completed, the expiry date given above shall be automatically postponed by 1 year on 2019-09-01 ("postponement date") and each anniversary of the postponement date thereafter unless three or more members separately or jointly request on the Public Mail List, within one month prior to a particular postponement date, that expiry of this Working Group not be postponed in that instance.

Motion Ends

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