[cabfpub] Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

Moudrick M. Dadashov md at ssc.lt
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How about:

BR/EVG --> Webtrust/ETSI schemes --> *Root Store schemes* --> Audit 
report --> CP/CPS --> Binding RPA/Subscriber Agreement


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>     Could you please explain why you think BR and EV Requirements are
>     only
>     binding on members of the Forum?
>     Thanks,
>     M.D.
>     Hi M.D.
>     I can see why this would be hard to understand.
>     Entities who are not members of the Forum have nothing that would
>     legally bind them to abide by those limitations.  They aren’t
>     members, so they aren’t bound by any of the Forum documents -
>     Bylaws, Baseline Requirements, etc.  They don’t have a written
>     agreement with the Forum to abide by certain requirements, so
>     they’re not bound that way either.
> Members of the Forum also aren't bound to abide by the Baseline 
> Requirements.
> Given this, does that resolve your concern?
>     The best way to make the limitations binding on the Subscribers,
>     Relying Parties, etc. would be for the CAs to enter into
>     agreements with those parties, and try to get them to agree to the
>     limitations.  But, again, they could just ignore the limitations.
> Perhaps phrased differently - the BRs describe what such agreements 
> MUST and SHOULD contain. This is allowing a further modification (a 
> MAY) to such agreements. The enforcement and requirement that CAs 
> agreements do or do not contain such provisions is done by the root 
> stores that individual CAs partner with - not by the Forum.
> No member of the Forum is bound to abide by the Baseline Requirements 
> by the Forum. The only document any member is bound to is to the IPR 
> policy (as per the mutual contracts signed).
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