[cabfpub] CAA working group description

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
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I know there’s a CAA document going through ACME. Is this also going LAMPS?  The ACME WG is already working on account UIR and validation-methods parameters. Given that this represents two of the four parameters suggested during the F2F, should we add the other two there? 


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What somewhat worries me is a situation in which I have ten CABForum members tell me that they really want X in a CABForum group and then I report that into the IETF WG and three people say they have other ideas and there being 3 of them and one of me, they represent the consensus.


I agree that this would be a bad outcome, and it's part of why we need to encourage interested CA/Browser Forum members to participate directly in IETF, so they can be heard as part of the consensus.

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