[cabfpub] Open time slots for F2F meeting

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Jun 12 11:04:11 UTC 2017

Hi Kirk,

On 08/06/17 20:40, Kirk Hall via Public wrote:
> We discussed the Agenda for our upcoming F2F meeting, but I failed to
> point out that right now we have four open time slots in Day 2 – a total
> of about 2.5 hours free.
> If members have any additional topics to suggest, please do.

Mozilla is considering requiring disclosure of SSL TCSCs in the CCADB.
Such certs need to be disclosed in CT anyway, and it helps us to check
that they are actually technically constrained as they should be. There
would be no need for CP/CPS or audit documents.

crt.sh finds only 50 certificates across 8 CAs which are TCSCs valid for
server authentication, so it currently seems like this won’t be high
impact. Still, we'd like to gather feedback on this idea, so if there is
still an open slot, could we discuss it for 30 minutes?

This request is lower priority than the other one. :-)


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