[cabfpub] Open time slots for F2F meeting

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Jun 12 11:04:15 UTC 2017

Hi Kirk,

On 08/06/17 20:40, Kirk Hall via Public wrote:
> We discussed the Agenda for our upcoming F2F meeting, but I failed to
> point out that right now we have four open time slots in Day 2 – a total
> of about 2.5 hours free.
> If members have any additional topics to suggest, please do.

As you may know, Mozilla has started asking CAs to do a "BR Self
Assessment" as part of inclusion requests.

A BR Self Assessment is where the CA maps their CP/CPS to the BRs,
thereby demonstrating how they fulfil each requirement in it. We
instituted this requirement to reduce the workload on our reviewers.

Kathleen has suggested that, for the convenience of root programs, it
could become a BR requirement that CAs perform and publish such a
document annually. (Of course, if the CP/CPS had not changed, this would
not be very much work compared to the previous instance.) The CAB Forum
would then be the body which maintained the template rather than Mozilla.

She feels this would be similar to the BRs requiring annual audits -
i.e. the BRs state the requirements, but the root store operators
enforce that requirement by collecting and reviewing the audit
statements which demonstrate compliance.

Could we have a slot to discuss the pros and cons of this idea? 30 or 45



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