[cabfpub] Fairly Urgent: Draft Network Security Working Group charter ballot

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Jun 3 19:41:27 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Peter was planning to post this for discussion, but ran into some
headwinds, so I am. If we want to have this group formed so it can meet
in Berlin, which I think would be a very good thing to get it going, we
need to launch the ballot by 10pm UTC on Monday (2 weeks before we meet).

So can I have _quick_ feedback on whether this does the job or not, and
concrete suggestions for change if not, and a couple of people willing
to endorse? I need two people.

Thanks :-)


<cut here>

Ballot XXX - Formation of Network Security Working Group

The following motion has been proposed by Peter Bowen of Amazon and
endorsed by XXX of XXX and XXX of XXX:


In accordance with Section 5.3 of the CA/B Forum Bylaws, the chartering
of a new Working Group requires a ballot. This ballot charters the
Network Security Working Group.

The CAB Forum's Network Security Guidelines were adopted in August 2012
but have not been updated since. Significant doubts have been raised as
to their fitness for purpose in 2017. Therefore, the Working Group’s
charter will be as follows:


1. Consider options for revising, replacing or scrapping the Network
Security Guidelines.


1. An extensive report with one or more proposals for the future of the
Network Security Guidelines.

2. For proposals involvement replacement, details of the availability
and applicability of the proposed alternative basis, and what
modifications if any would be needed to it in order to make it suitable
for use.

3. For proposals involving revision, details of the revisions that are
deemed necessary and how the document will be kept current in the future.

4. For proposals involving scrapping, an explanation of why this is
preferable to either of the other two options.

5. If there are multiple proposals, optionally a recommendation as to
which one to pursue and an associated timeline.

6. A form of ballot or ballots to implement any recommendations.


The Working Group shall expire once the deliverables have been
completed, or if the group agrees that it cannot achieve the 2/3rds
endorsement required by the bylaws for any proposal.


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