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Hi Kirk and all,

Please see my responses to your comments below.  I’ve also attached an updated draft with redlines to show changes from the last draft.  The diagram is also included for those who may not have seen it.

Best regards,

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On Jan 8, 2017, at 4:18 PM, Kirk Hall <Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com> wrote:

Virginia – here are some preliminary comments.  I think Ballot 183 is in such good shape it would make sense to move it to the Public list now.  Here are some preliminary comments, which I will repost to the Public list once Ballot 183 is posted there.
I should point out to other members that this ballot proposes an entirely new voting Bylaw (Bylaw 2.3) that supplements our existing voting Bylaw (Bylaw 2.2) but does not change it.  If this ballot is adopted, our existing Bylaw 2.2 will continue to be the voting procedure for new ballots that do not change the BRs, EVGL, etc. – so we will use Bylaw 2.2 on ballots that amend the Bylaws, elect officers, etc. 
New Bylaw 2.3 (in the draft Ballot 183) will be used for ballots that amend the BRs, EVGL, etc. (known as “Maintenance Guidelines” in our IPR Policy) and for ballots that propose entirely new sets of guidelines or requirements (known as “Final Guidelines” in our IPR Policy).  Those types of ballots require an IP Review Period, possible Exclusion Notices, etc., and so this new Bylaw 2.3 creates clear voting rules for how we handle that.  You will notice that many of the provisions in Bylaw 2.2 are repeated in Bylaw 2.3, but Bylaw 2.3 includes new provisions relevant to ballots that are subject to an IP review period, etc., especially subsections (i) through (l), and are intended to harmonize with the IPR Policy we all have signed.
In subsection c - is there an unneeded quotation mark at the end of the third sentence?

VMF:  Yes, I’ve removed it.
In subsection e - maybe change “7-day” to “seven-day” for consistency.

VMF:  done.
In subsection j - I realize that the IPR Policy only requires Members to send Exclusion Notices to the Chair.  In this section the Chair must publish all Exclusion Notices received to the Public list at the end of the Review Period.  However, Members might want to see what other Members are filing.  Would the Chair be permitted to post Exclusion Notices received immediately to the Public list, and not wait until the end of the Review Period?

VMF:  I’ve added language that gives the Chair flexibility to disclose the Exclusion Notices sooner.
Subsection (k) as written seems to say that a ballot that is approved by vote does not become effective until after the end of the Review Period and only if no Exclusion Notices are filed during the Review Period (it says “the results of the Initial Vote are deemed to be final and approved” at that point).  Is that the intention?  That’s probably the best result if we want to avoid confusion about the status of a ballot – CAs should wait for the end of the Review Period before relying on the ballot.

VMF:  Right, because the vote is conditioned on there being no Exclusion Notices filed during the Review Period.  When the Review Period closes without any Exclusion Notices being filed, then that condition is lifted and the vote is “final and approved." 
Subsection (l)(i) includes a slight ambiguity, to my thinking.  It says the following:
(l)  If Exclusion Notice(s) are filed during the Review Period ***
(i) a Patent Advisory Group (PAG) will be formed, in accordance with Section 7 of the IPR Policy, to address the conflict.  The PAG will make a conclusion as described in Section 7.3.2 of the IPR Policy, and communicate such conclusion to the rest of the Forum, using the Member Mail List and the Public Mail List.  The proposer and endorsers of the Draft Guideline Ballot will then decide how to proceed, including whether to proceed with the Draft Guideline Ballot ***
What if the PAG’s conclusion is “do not adopt this ballot / guideline because of IP issues”?  Under the language above, could the proposer and endorser say “We don’t care what the PAG thinks, we are going to call for a revote of our ballot as written”? 

VMF:  I’ve added language to address this.  Basically, if the promoter and endorsers want to go forward anyway, they’d have to start with a new ballot and include the PAG report in the ballot so all members would be aware of it. 
You list an alternative course of action in subsection (l)(ii) “*** if the PAG recommends approval despite the Exclusion Notices, and if the proposer and endorsers decide to proceed ***.”  That seems pretty clear, but that only addresses the case where the PAG recommends approval.  Can we clarify what happens procedurally if the PAG recommends some outcome other than “approval”?  
Maybe delete the last sentence of (l)(i), and then amend the first sentence of (l)(ii) to read as follows (to address all possible cases after the PAG provides its conclusion):
(ii) after the PAG has provided its conclusion, if the PAG recommends approval despite the Exclusion Notices, and if the proposer and endorsers decide to proceed, then: *** [all the same procedures you listed].
VMF:  Ok, I’ve modified it.  Also note that under section 7.3.2.a of the IPR Policy, the PAG can dismiss an issue if they’ve already addressed it - so they don’t have to keep analyzing the same Exclusion Notices endlessly.

I think this would not result in an endless cycle of Review Periods and PAGs – for example, if the PAG conclusion says “don’t adopt this ballot because of IP conflicts” and the proponent and endorsers decide to put the ballot up to a vote anyway (maybe with minor edits), the vote would be up-or-down – but no new Review Period required.  If the PAG says “adopt this ballot – it’s fine” then the same result – proceed to a revote without another Review Period.  However, if the PAG says “adopt but only if big changes are made as follows”, then the proponent and endorsers would have to redraft a new ballot and it would go through full IP review again.
Again, I think this draft is ready for the Public list, so I suggest you post it there, and I will repost these suggestions. 
Thanks to you, Chris, and others for all your hard work.
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Hello all,
Per our discussion on the call this morning, attached are a draft Ballot 183 (to update the voting/exclusion process for Ballots relating to Draft Guidelines), and a diagram to illustrate the flow of the process described in the draft Ballot 183.  I apologize that the diagram wasn’t created using some fancy computer app.
This Ballot includes significant contributions from Chris Nalevanko at Amazon, and incorporates the sequence of events proposed by Ryan and Gerv (voting before 30/60 day review period).
Please let me know any comments/questions you may have.  When providing comments, please be specific.  We plan to start the official 7-day discussion period for this Ballot next week. 

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