[cabfpub] Draft Agenda for CABF teleconference April 27

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Mon Apr 24 20:35:07 UTC 2017

I hate to stir the pot here, but the agenda shows ballot 194 as being in the IPR review period, which it would only do if it had passed, no? If we’re declaring ballot 197 as the formal replacement for 194 due to the dispute over voting, we should formally declare 194 deceased[0] and remove it from further progress so that there’s no confusion over its current status. Otherwise we run the risk of confusion over the effective dates of two identical ballots.


[0] Or disputed, invalid, confused, distraught, vaporized, in limbo, actively limboing…pick your adjective here.



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Here is the draft agenda for our teleconference this Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 16:00 UTC (9:00 am Pacific, 12:00 pm Noon Eastern).  Please offer suggested edits.


Time Start (UTC)StopItemDescriptionNotes / Presenters
(Thursday) April 27, 2017
0:02 16:0016:021.Roll CallKirk
0:01 16:0216:032.Read Antitrust Statement  Robin
0:01 16:0316:043.Review AgendaKirk
0:03 16:0416:074.a)     Approve Minutes of CABF teleconference of April 13, 2017 as amended b)     Complete F2F meeting minutes: Missing:·         Jeremy – Validation WG·         Doug– Microsoft Program Update·         Liang – 360 Update·         Eric Mill - GSA update (?)·         Andrew Whalley - The Role and Relationship of the Forum·         Future of Web PKI – Part 1 (2 sessions) - ?·         Future of Web PKI – Part 2 (2 sessions) -?·         Future of Web PKI – Part 3 (multiple sessions) - ?Revised draft teleconference Minutes Sent by Kirk on April 23
0:04 16:0716:115.Governance Change Working Group update. Dean/Ben/Virginia 
0:04 16:1116:156.Validation Working Group update. Jeremy
0:04 16:1516:197.Policy Review Working Group update. Ben/Dimitris 
0:08 16:1916:278.Draft Code of ConductVirginia/Tarah
0:20 16:2716:479.Ballot Status (as of CABF meeting date)Ballots in voting period:a)     Ballot 197 -  - Effective Date of Ballot 193 Provisions (Kirk) (ends May 3) Ballots in discussion period: None Ballots in IPR Review Period:a)     Ballot 189 – Amend BR 6.1.7 to clarify signing by root keys (ends May 15)b)     Ballot 194 -  Effective Date of Ballot 193 Provisions (ends May 16)c)     Ballot 195 – CAA Fixup (ends May 18)d)     Ballot 196 – Define “Audit Period” (ends May 18) Ballot drafts:e)     Ballot 184 - RFC 822 Names and otherNames, SRV names (Jeremy)f)      Ballot 186 – Limiting reuse of validation information (Ryan)g)     Ballot 190 – BR Validation Methods (Jeremy)h)     Ballot 191 – Clarify Place of Business Info (Jeremy)i)      Ballot 192- Notary Clarification (Jeremy)j)      Require commonName in Root and Intermediate Certificates (Gerv)k)     RAs and Delegated Third Parties (Gerv)l)      Expected ASN.1 grammar for BR & EV certificates (Peter)m)    Bylaws change – Membership requirements (Gerv)n)     Bylaw change - Voting rules (Jos)Various
0:02 16:4716:4910.Next F2F meeting: June 20-22, 2017 Berlin (D-Trust) – BOOK HOTELS NOWOct. 3-5, 2017 Taipei (Chunghwa Telecom)Kirk
0:05 16:4916:5411.Preliminary discussion F2F Agenda – June 20-22 BerlinKirk
0:05 16:5416:5912.Any Other Business Kirk
0:01 16:5917:0013.Next call May 11, 2017Kirk



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