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> But here's another suggestion. Instead of mandating CAA in Mozilla policy,
> we'll just say that issuing in the face of an adverse CAA record is a 
> serious
> misissuance. Then, you'd be free to not check it as often as you liked, 
> relying
> on your systems and contracts to save you - and the first time they went
> wrong, we'd untrust your intermediate or remove your EV indicator or some
> other sanction. How would that be? :-)
> Gerv

Well, that depends on the validity of a contract from the customer that 
absolves the CA from the requirement to check CAA within their service.

Let customers opt out when they trust their CA and its audits and it's no 
longer CA policy or browsers trusting CAs. Let customers adopt CAA to block 
other CAs that do not hold such a contract.

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