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Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
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Right - we put the working group on pause pending the resolution of ballot 179. The scope, charter, etc. would all be the exact same as before. There's already a requirement to supply minutes for each meeting - I just failed to do so. I'll make sure I provide them within a week of each meeting from now on.

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In my opinion, this working group was properly chartered in Ballot 143 (which I note Mozilla voted YES).  The working group was never formally terminated but rather was put in a "dormant" status since the production of ballot 169. I think working group members needed a break after 1.5 years of work. Restarting the work of this group shouldn't require a ballot unless the scope has changed.

We haven't been putting in "end dates" for working groups rather, deliverables which more accurately reflect the mission of the group. 

Code Signing was a different issue as I believe the argument there was there wasn't a formal ballot to charter the group.


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On 07/11/16 16:46, Jeremy Rowley via Public wrote:
> During the face-to-face we discussed restarting the validation working 
> group. Please let me know if you are interested and the agenda items 
> you’d like to discuss. We plan on starting the meetings at the time 
> slot previously occupied by the code signing working group (9 Pacific).

Not wanting to be a process geek, but does it require a ballot to restart a WG?

Checking the wiki, it seems like we didn't follow the Bylaws when we created it and outline a "Working Group expiration date" (Bylaws section

Did we raise this issue before in the context of this WG, or not? (I know it came up in the context of the Code Signing WG...)

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