[cabfpub] When to stop accepting old ETSI audits?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Nov 28 13:44:31 UTC 2016

Dear CAB Forum members,

Ballot 171, passed on 1st July 2016, updated the BRs to remove the old
ETSI criteria (ETSI TS 101 456 V1.4.3 or ETSI TS 102 042 V2.3.1) and add
the new ones (ETSI EN 319 411-1 v1.1.1 or ETSI EN 319 411-2 v2.1.1).
This change was made in BRs v.1.3.6. However, no dates were associated
with the change.

Mozilla CA Policy 2.3 (about to be published) permits either set of
criteria to be used.

By what date would it be reasonable for Mozilla to require that all new
ETSI audits use the new criteria?

Inigo says that eIDAS (which, of course, refers only to the issuance of
Qualified certificates) have specified July 2017 as the end date for the
old criteria. Would that be a reasonable choice?


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