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Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
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Aargh, when did we discuss that? I seem to recall Peter quoting the IPR ballot that their status would be “suspended” until such time that they signed. As you correctly point out, such a term is not specified in our bylaws but from what I recall from a recent CA/B Forum call, there was consensus around reinstating their membership once they signed. This is consistent with the definition of the word “suspended” in this context which means something is temporarily withheld, as opposed to “revoked” which I believe would trigger a re-application.


Nonetheless, if members feel that we should go through the formality of reinstating membership on a future call, I would not oppose it. However, we would need to do some homework to determine who signed and when so as to determine the list of companies that need to be formally reinstated. Or I guess someone could make a motion that all those companies that signed after the date are hereby reinstated.



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As a result of signing the new IPR agreement, the following members, who were suspended, have been reinstated:



Wells Fargo


That leaves SECOM and Visa as the remaining past members that have not yet signed.




While we discussed it on a past call, I believe the statement was that because the bylaws provide no such intermediate state for a member - that is, suspended, but still a member - that any of those removed for not executing the IPR Agreement would need to come in as new members.


I realize this is procedurally frustrating, but per 2.1(c), I believe they need to reapply as members, as discussed previously, and to go through approvals. While a trivial formality, it's better to follow the bylaws and avoid any concerns.

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