[cabfpub] Ballot 171 - Updating ETSI standards in CABF documents

Dimitris Zacharopoulos jimmy at it.auth.gr
Thu Jun 23 08:42:55 UTC 2016

On 23/6/2016 11:04 πμ, Barreira Iglesias, Iñigo wrote:
> IB àI don´t know when ETSI is going to withdraw the document but I´ve 
> said repeatedly that the TS 102 042 hasn´t been updated for years, 
> more than 2 years, and currently does not reflect any of the changes 
> done in the CABF documents. It points to version 1.3 of the EV 
> guidelines for example so I don´t think is a good idea to still use a 
> standard which does not reflect updates for the last 2 years, even 
> worst, still uses the old “style” and when referring some sections in 
> the EV or BRs, these are invalid because the new BRs for example are 
> following the RFC 3647 style, as well as the 411-1. 

Just a quick comment. Regardless of how old the ETSI or the Webtrust 
standards are, each CA/TSP must conform to the latest CA/B Forum BR and 
EV guidelines, and this is audited annually.


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