[cabfpub] Code Signing Working Group

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Apr 28 14:23:24 UTC 2016

On 27/04/16 21:03, Peter Bowen wrote:
> Would this resolve the concerns of Google and Mozilla?

Certainly :-)

I have no desire to put a spoke in anyone's wheel, and I understand what
Dean says about us getting better at conforming with our own bylaws. But
right now, the CABFCSWG is effectively working on a document for
Microsoft, rather than working on a document for the CAB Forum. And it's
not right for that to continue under the CAB Forum auspices.

As Peter notes, there's nothing to prevent the same group of people
meeting on the same conference line at the same time to work on the
"liberated" document, if the line owner permits, and our F2F meetings
have historically supported side events like CASC meetings, which are
not on the official schedule, subject to the permission of the host. So
I hope that this change would not be too disruptive to the group's plans
to work with Microsoft on the document in practice.


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