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Ryan and Gerv -- people on this list have reposted helpful messages sent to the Questions list in the past, so this was not different.  Adrien's information was extremely helpful as I'm sure you agree, and it's a shame we didn't have his information during the ballot.  As you know, Julien also signed our IP agreement before his postings.  What exactly is your objection to hearing from him?

As you know, we don't have a fully public list for posting comments partly because no one on the Forum wants to moderate such a list, and in part because several of us don't want our list to be like other lists in this area where some use their postings to flame others, some get stuck on pet issues, etc.  Maybe the best way to strike a balance is to have a "wiki" style public list -- if any CABF member wants to repost information sent to the Questions list and effectively be the "moderator" for postings from that person (because they are useful and relevant to a relevant CABF discussion), that member can repost (with permission of the author).  That would make the list more open.  Would you support that policy?

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On 02/03/15 07:34, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> While this might otherwise be best directed personally, the fact that 
> this continues as an inconsistent practice that varies based upon the 
> member in the Forum and who they are posting on behalf of, it seems 
> most useful to have some public discussion on the practice and our 
> bylaws and to make sure we are all in agreement. I would be thrilled 
> if, as the result of such discussions, we establish the practice as 
> acceptable, but that seems unlikely.

I would also like to see the Forum adopt a more open discussion policy but, in absence of that, I would also like clarification on how the recent forwarding of messages from Adrian fit with the current policies.


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