[cabfpub] Reposting on behalf of others

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Mon Mar 2 07:34:35 UTC 2015


Is this confirmation that Adrien has been invited to the Forum as an
Interested Party? If so, it would help if you, in your role as Vice-Chair,
could explicitly clarify that, as your message earlier this morning
suggested otherwise. If not, I fear your reposting of messages seems to
violate our bylaws regarding participation on the public list as being
restricted, by effectively forwarding messages on behalf of others. I
realize this was done in the past as well, on behalf of Entrust (who left
the Forum), and I raised similar concerns then.

As you know, we at Google worked quite hard to encourage the Forum to adopt
an open and transparent participation policy, but the Forum voted otherwise
when establishing its IPR policy. If this is an acceptable solution to
engaging and encouraging openness with the public, then I will be the first
to offer to forward any and all messages from willing participants to the
public list. However, I can't help but feel that would violate the spirit
and letter of our IPR policies as they presently, and unfortunately, stand.

While this might otherwise be best directed personally, the fact that this
continues as an inconsistent practice that varies based upon the member in
the Forum and who they are posting on behalf of, it seems most useful to
have some public discussion on the practice and our bylaws and to make sure
we are all in agreement. I would be thrilled if, as the result of such
discussions, we establish the practice as acceptable, but that seems

In either event, the current ambiguity makes it extremely difficult to
engage in any meaningful discourse, especially to correct some of the
misunderstandings and misstatements, as it leaves the conversation largely

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