[cabfpub] List of issues on Insurance, Financial Responsibility discussion

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Sun Mar 8 18:34:23 UTC 2015

Moving this discussion to the public list since it’s a discussion of an agenda item and, therefore, should be public.


I realize that any member can bring up any discussion item and that there are no closed issues.  I am not contending that.  My concern is that the Forum is discussing insurance AGAIN at a face to face. This is a waste of time. The topic has failed four votes, has no discernable benefit to end users, fills up F2F spots that could be used to discuss real security concerns, and lacks any new information that wasn’t already discussed over the past year.  Why don’t we use the time to discuss Internet security improvements and topics that benefit relying parties rather than rehashing the same tired old topic? Considering there isn’t anything new, wouldn’t the topic better reserved at least for a phone call or separate working group?

It doesn’t make sense for members to spend money and time flying to meet face to face for a topic that has been beaten into the ground. At the very least, the new proposal needs to be posted publicly for discussion before we go to the F2F.

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