[cabfpub] Domain validation proposal update

Rob Stradling rob.stradling at comodo.com
Tue Jun 23 03:20:11 MST 2015

Hi Jeremy.  Some comments on the new definitions...

1. "Add the following definitions...Base Domain...Authorization Domain"

The BRs already define this term...
   "Registered Domain Name: A Domain Name that has been registered with
    a Domain Name Registrar."

It surprises me that this term is not being used here.  Aren't 
"Registered Domain Name" and "Base Domain" the same thing?

2. "created by pruning...components...and (iii) contains..."

Consider this FQDN: "a.b.com.d.e.f.google.com"

IINM, the proposed definition of "Authorized Domain" would permit a CA 
to prune "d.e.f.google.com" and treat "a.b.com" as the Authorized Domain.

It needs to be stated that:
a. The "pruning" MUST only be done to the left-most zero-or-more components.
b. The "(iii) contains" part MUST be the right-most two-or-more components.

3. "...at least the second-level domainBase Domain..."


On 18/06/15 16:38, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Attached is the domain validation proposal draft from the validation
> working group. We hope to discuss this with everyone in Zurich and on
> the mailing list. We look forward to your comments and finalizing this
> proposal.
> Jeremy

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