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Actually, the list-serv is a great place to clarify any confusion, as all members are included.  What inaccurate conclusions did I draw?

Again, I’m extremely surprised that Ben’s new draft has not been distributed yet to the Validation Working Group, but was sent to the PAG instead.  Ben, can you clarify?

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The jurisdiction of the PAG is clearly spelled out by the IPR Agreement we all signed, and is focused on comparing proposed and existing BRs / EVGL to disclosed patents.  I think the PAG is jumping the gun if it starts looking at individual drafts that have never been considered by the relevant working group, and it may not be a good use of the PAG’s time.

Thanks for your feedback Kirk.

It may help to consider joining the next call, or wait for the minutes, before positioning what may or may not be a good use of the PAGs time, the issues the PAG is considering, or the scope of the PAG.

It sounds like there is ample confusion, unfortunately driven by a number of inaccurate conclusions, and I'm not sure whether it will be possible to resolve this with you on email.

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