[cabfpub] Ballots 141 and 142

Moudrick M. Dadashov md at ssc.lt
Thu Jan 15 18:44:01 UTC 2015

SSC votes "Yes" on both Ballot 141 and 142.


On 1/15/2015 4:00 AM, Richard Wang wrote:
> WoSign  votes “yes” on both Ballot 141 and Ballot 142
> Best Regards,
> Richard
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> Trend Micro votes “yes” on both Ballot 141 and Ballot 142.
> I want to recap the history of these ballots.  I actually started the 
> effort to delete the insurance requirements in the EV Guidelines in 
> Ballot 121 last April, but it failed.  The insurance issue came up 
> again later in 2014.  Ben Wilson did excellent research and proposed a 
> new, more relevant set of insurance requirements for EV certs in 
> Ballot 133, but that ballot also failed.
> At that point, I talked to a number of other CAs, and it seemed to me 
> that we should again try to delete the current EV insurance 
> requirements (because most people believe they are not particularly 
> useful as applied to CAs and their work in issuing certs), but that it 
> would be more responsible to combine that step with the addition of a 
> new financial responsibility requirement – namely, that CAs take on 
> some financial responsibility for the DV and OV certs they issue (not 
> just for EV certs, like we have today in EVGL Section 18 – that sets a 
> minimum CA liability of $2,000 per subscriber or relying party per EV 
> cert).
> I would also like to follow up with discussion of minimum capital 
> requirements for CAs, another step to establish financial 
> responsibility for CAs in favor of their customers and the public who 
> rely on certs.  Maybe we should look one more time at insurance as 
> well, and try to follow the insurance requirements of some countries 
> for qualified certificates.
> I think certs and encryption will become even more important for 
> internet security in the next few years, and so I think CAs should 
> take additional steps to stand behind their products .  This will be 
> good for CAs as a whole, and good for the internet as well.
> */Kirk R. Hall/*
> Operations Director, Trust Services
> Trend Micro
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