[cabfpub] IPv6 support

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
Fri Feb 13 22:33:48 UTC 2015


As discussed on the last CA/B call, I was asked to poll the CASC members on
their support of IPv6.  The results are below.


You'll probably realize after reading this that there isn't much actionable
material here as many members are "scoping" or "waiting for info" without
any concrete response dates.  We'll keep this tally going and update as we
get more info. 


Globalsign: Yes, can support

Symantec: We don't support this today. We've received very little demand for
it from customers, but we're in the process of scoping out the effort.

Comodo: Yes, for CRL and OCSP

Trend Micro: Yes
GoDaddy: Waiting for info from network team

Entrust: Yes for CRL and OCSP.

Trustwave: We don't support this today. Just started scoping the effort. Not
many requests for this

Digicert: We currently do not support it.  Our connectivity providers
support it, and it could be done with CRLs and OCSP, but we'd need to look
for any gotchas before pulling the trigger.  We've only had a couple of
customers ask whether we support it.






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