[cabfpub] Let's Encrypt

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Nov 18 17:14:06 UTC 2014

On 18/11/14 17:11, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> It's not just another CA - it's another external intermediate. Let's
> Encrypt hasn't  gone through the Mozilla root inclusion process
> (unless I missed it on Mozilla mailing list). 

You are right, they have not. Our understanding is that they intend to,
but their exact plans would be a question for them. If we get an
application, it will be treated as any other.

> I'm assuming IdenTrust
> disclosed the intermediate (if already created) and related audit
> documentation in compliance with the policy?

That would be a question for Kathleen. If we haven't published this
info, drop her an email.


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