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    I agree with Richard’s suggestion. Display the “domain ownership verified” for DV SSL certificate. Show the Website owner’s company or organization name in the address bar near the pad lock for an OV SSL certificate. Maybe a yellow line (or other color) or no line for an OV SSL certificate vs. green line of  an EV SSL certificate.


        DV SSL certificates are very easy and quickly to obtain, and provide little value than OV or EV SSL certificates. 


       Microsoft and Mozilla Root certificate program has asked  CAs issue DV or OV SSL certificates to be audited by CA/B forum SSL B.R. CA should submit the audit report to the Root Certificate Program and disclose the result to the public by maintain a seal each year.  We suggest Browsers should have the different UI for DV and OV SSL certificates.  


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How about display “domain ownership verified” instead of “Identity verified”


And if can’t downgrade DV, then how about upgrade that display padlock and organization name near the padlock like EV, but the address bar still white, not green.


I think browser should have the different UI for DV and OV SSL.



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On 04/11/14 01:52, Richard Wang wrote:

> I think we not only need to add DV and OV OID to end user certificate, 

> but also the browsers *should downgrade the DV UI* to tell users that 

> this site true identity is not verified!


I disagree with that as a blanket statement.


There are many Internet businesses which are known simply by their domain name. "match.com", and so on. For them, a DV certificate, which proves that the holder of the certificate owns match.com, has verified their identity to a degree which is often sufficient.


Clearly, this is not all you need in every case, but it's not true to say that "identity is not verified" for DV certificates. It depends what sort of identity verification an end user needs.


> Chrome display a GREEN padlock like OV and say “Identity verified”, is 

> this info correct?


It says that underneath a reprint of the domain name - which is the piece of identity which has been verified.


> All comments are welcome, I wish the DV SSL will die in the future 

> since the site identity is more important than encryption, spoof site 

> has SSL is no any good meaning and is more dangerous than no SSL.


DV is the only plausible route to the web being secure by default. It is not going to go away.




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