[cabfpub] RFC 3647 Formatting of EV Guidelines and BaselineRequirements

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Tue Feb 11 16:07:03 UTC 2014

RFC 3647 is a recommended format for a CP.  The baseline requirements are a
CP.  Putting the BRs and EV Guidelines in the recommended format simplifies
the comparison between a CA’s practices and the industry requirements.  If
there are “holes”, it’s simply because we lack requirements in that area.
Reformatting the CP really shows where we are deficient in our requirements.
I agree with Kirk that we shouldn’t create requirements where there aren’t
problems, but some of these “hole” topics may be worth discussing further.





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I sent some comments on this RFC 3647 formatting and basically, don´t see
the need and there are many “holes” to cover. This RFC is for CAs saying
what we do and how, but the CABF doc is a recommendations/requirements on
CAs to make things, don´t see the parallelism.



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In order to move another step closer on this before the Working Group
meeting, would there be any objection if I were to address comments we’ve
received thus far to the rough drafts and send out new redlined versions?
Otherwise, we might not have enough to review and discuss, and I don’t see
the need to wait until the face-to-face meeting.  If you do object, then
please send me a brief synopsis of what you intend to say during the RFC
3647 working session, and I will put you on the agenda so that you can


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