[cabfpub] Bylaw Amendments: Working Groups

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
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I think the intent of the working groups is that the membership be open to
interested parties(public) but that the group be able to conduct its
discussions among the members only. Once the group has something worthwhile
to report, it can certainly post that to the public list and ask for




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I am working on a ballot to amend the CABF Bylaws, which we've been
discussing since our last face-to-face meeting-including simplifying the
voting process to create a working group.  However, in reviewing the Bylaws
and updating the Project Lifecycle Flow Chart, I noticed that the Bylaws
require Working Groups to report a substantial part of their activity to the
Public email list.  I'm wondering whether there would be support to cut back
on the situations required by the Bylaws for WG posting to the Public List
(also because it appears that some of these provisions are not being
observed presently).


Here are the Bylaw provisions related to Working Group reporting: 


5.2  Public Mail List and Public Web Site

The following materials shall be posted to the Public Mail List or Public
Web Site:

(a)          Draft and final agendas for Working Group meetings,.

(b)          . minutes of all Working Group teleconferences and meetings.

(e)          Initial and final drafts of Working Group requirements,
guidelines, and recommendations after the drafter has had an opportunity to
receive and respond to initial Working Group member comments.

5.3          Working Groups

All substantial initial and final drafts of the Working Group product will
be posted on the Public Mail List.


If no changes are made to this language, then all Working Groups should now
make sure that they post all agendas, minutes, and important interim drafts
to the Public Mail List.


Alternatively, we could delete the language above in 5.2 (a) and (b) and
also revise 5.2(e) and 5.3 to refer only to "Final Working Group Drafts that
have been approved for forwarding to the Forum as final Working Group
product by two-thirds vote of WG members voting").   There are also other
possibilities, such as allowing submission of non-final WG drafts to the
Management list, based on the consensus of the Working Group.






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