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Hi Iñigo,


I think that this is a bit premature, there is still not an agreed draft for
the complete revised Regulation – let alone the scope and timescale for any
Implementing Acts.


When there is an agreed definition and audit process for providers of
Qualified  Certificates for Website Authentication, then that would be the
time for discussion as to how they need to be reflected in the CA/Browser
Forum’s processes.


Best regards


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Hi Ben,


I´d like to update/modify the requirements for new applications, at least
for EU CAs and incorporate the evidence of being part of their country TSL
according to the new implementing act of the commission. I think it´s a
minor change and won´t affect the EU (or from some other countries)

Should I propose a ballot? Do I need to send more info?




Iñigo Barreira
Responsable del Área técnica
i-barreira at izenpe.net



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Here are some potential discussion items for this Thursday’s call:


Discussion of Microsoft’s SHA1 Announcement, Certificate lifetimes, SHA2
support, etc.

Report on status of Ballot 89 (EV Processing)

Discuss Ballot 107 (Remove specific references)

Discuss Bylaw Revisions and potential ballot (11/18 email from Gerv) 

Membership applications

Report from Code Signing Working Group 

Review of Web Site


Please let me know if you have any to add.




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