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One of the main reasons why the EVGL required telephone confirmation was to increase “findability” of the customer in the event of problems or fraud – we wanted to avoid dealing with an EV customer with a shell corporation and a throw away mobile phone.  



IMO that is one of the problems with the CA/B Forum's work product to date.  We have tried to expand the CAs job and expand SSL beyond what it is designed to do.  The job of CAs and SSL as I see it is to verify identity and domain ownership/control.  I think the above purpose stated by Kirk moves into trying to verify trustworthiness and intent.  I'm not saying there isn't a need for providing a measure of web site owner trustworthiness, I just don't think that the CA/SSL model is the right tool to do the job.  We should stick with what the tool is designed for, site and identity verification.



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