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Again, not necessarily.  We’ve implemented processes that use notaries for other vetting purposes where they actually verify information other than ID.  A notary can easily attest that the applicant supplied a phone bill.


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In the US, notaries do not even read the document they are notarizing – so they can’t attest to anything (they can’t even attest that a phone number is or is not mentioned in the document).


Likewise, under state law establishing notary publics, there is no provision for making the notary look for a phone number on the customer’s personal ID before notarizing (let alone making a notation of the phone number).  None of my ID documents have my phone number, or my company’s phone number, anyway.  All a US notary does is look at a driver’s license or passport, check the photo and name, and if it matches the person before them, signs and stamps the document (whatever it says).

Thanks for your additional explanation!




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